CNC Routing

If you need CNC Routing then why not try Trade CNC, the place the trade go. From producing prototypes to large runs we can help. Wood and acrylic through Polycarbonate and Nylon to Aluminium, we CNC the lot!

So why should you choose Trade CNC?

  • We’ve been established over ten years (which is a long time in this business!)
  • Our staff have been involved in Routing, machining, cutting and finishing for over 30 years
  • We’re flexible, accommodating and fast
  • We can do everything from prototype drawings to printed finishing
  • We’re nice to deal with!

Trade CNC provide state of the art, high quality CNC routing services, CNC machining, CNC cutting Cnc Routing Service
for a huge range of materials. We use the latest CNC routing technology to accurately cut wood, plastics and non ferrous metals so no matter what you need cutting, we can help.

CNC Routing Services

We CNC Materials everyday like plywood, MDF, Acrylic and other plastic materials to the more technical materials such as solid surface Corian, Nylons, PTFE, Light alloys, Signage and Building Cladding materials such as Aluminium Composite.

Our cutting service provides a first class result for any business in any sector, so no matter what you want to cut, we can help.

Our early involvement in a project gives you a competitive advantage as this enables us to tailor our service to meet the demands of both your brief and budget. We can quickly look at the best value and commercial approach to a project once we know it’s intended use and of course we are happy to enter into Non-Disclosure agreements to ensure your development plans are kept confidential.

We even CNC 3D Relief items.

Thanks to software routing technology, we can CNC route, carve and engrave 3D images such as photographs or scrolls within a sign onto wide range of materials – such as woods, metals, and plastics.  Different materials may also be inlayed into routered sheets to create the desired end result with impact and eye catching effects. We also CNC decorative wall panels and 3D wave panels to give a fabulous finish and eye catching effects.

We often take receipt of 3D STL files from our customers and we then CNC full 3D jigs, formers and reliefs from, something usually associated with only 5 axis machines.

Please take the time to explore our site, learn more about us as a company and the services we offer. If you have any questions our experienced and approachable team will be happy to assist and advise, without obligation, simply call us on 0845 4310342

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