Fretwork Panels

You can see more examples of our work in the Fretwork Panels Gallery

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Using CNC techniques, we can create beautiful and unique fretwork panels.  Many of these are simply decorative, as shown above in this set of feature walls at the offices of a finance broker.  Others serve a practical purpose, such as a room divider or radiator panel.  A brief search on the internet will yield thousands of images of fretwork panels, so the possibilities are endless!

fretwork panels

MDF Panel








Above are two examples of large fretwork panels cut from MDF or plywood.  These were used as decorative wall panels.  The star design has proved very popular, and these panels were commissioned for the inner walls of a mosque.  The panels can be sprayed in-house using our spray services and finished with a lacquer or paint as required.

Morrocan Laser cut pattern

Due to the versatility of our cutting equipment and our highly skilled, experienced production team, we can also offer laser cut panels from acrylic. Acrylic comes in a range of colours in addition to white and clear, so this extends your design  options considerably.



Traditionally, fretwork panels have a geometric, repeating design.  Celtic designs, with their beautiful, complex knot patterns, are frequently used as inspiration for fretwork panels.  Moorish, Arabic, Turkish and other oriental patterns are other excellent sources of designs.  Perhaps surprisingly, mathematics can also create some attractive designs – whether it’s a simple geometric design based on squares such as this CNC decorative Screens 07one, or a more complex pattern using sequences such as the Fibonacci series.

You can see more examples of our fretwork panels in our Fretwork Panels Gallery.

We are happy to produce your own bespoke design – if you can draw it, or show us an image, we can probably cut it, so challenge our design team with your creativity and give us a call on 0845 4310342!

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