4 Industries That Use CNC

  CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control) is a manufacturing process that uses computers to control machinery components.cncrouting Details from a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing will be inputted into the CNC machine, which is then able to produce a highly detailed product. Tools that can be used as part of CNC include: lathes, routers and punchers. CNC is used throughout a range of industries. Read on to find out about four industries that are using it on a regular basis. Car Industry CNC is very popular within the car industry. In particular, plastic components, such as dashboards, windscreen wipers and steering wheels will be cut by CNC machines. The CNC auto lathe is ideal for metal jobs, as it is robust and very versatile, allowing for a variety of detailed car logos and designs to be created. Airline Industry In the airline industry, CNC is used for shearing, punching and laser cutting sheet metal. The sheet is moved horizontally and vertically (X and Y) so the machines can cut it in the desired location. Engraving is sometimes used on sheet metal as well, so the customer is able to identify several different designs of sheet which might be difficult to identify by eye. Furniture Industry CNC allows beautiful, intricate designs to be created on wooden furniture. By using routing and drilling, CAD designs are able to be transferred from screen onto product with total precision. Fashion Industry Laser cut dresses and skirts have been very popular this season. To create these items, CNC laser cutters are used to cut repetitive patterns into fabrics. Laser cutting is also used on other fashion accessories, such as bags, key-rings and smartphone cases. These are just several examples of popular industries that use CNC. However, creative uses of CNC can be used in all industries, from intricate jewellery design, to creating components for cruise liners. As CNC is simple to use and has lower operating costs than traditional cutting methods, its popularity is only likely to increase.
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