5 Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting was traditionally used in the manufacturing industry. Now, schools and small businesses are also starting to use this creative technique. Laser cutting works by a computer controlling a laser beam, which will burn or blast away the metal, plastic or fabric. The result is a precision cut material that can be used for a variety of purposes. Sharp precision The precision a laser cutting beam offers is totally unparalleled. Traditional cutting machines can only offer cutting lines as thin as the smallest diameter cutter. The laser beam from a laser cutter can be programmed to hundredths of a millimetre. This makes them ideal for delicate jobs, such as jewellery designs or logo printing. Machine operated Laser cutters are popular among small businesses where space is at a premium. The laser cutter is able to complete a workload that would require the use of several different cutting machines. It’s also easy to set up and should the design specification change, reprogramming a CNC machine is not as painstaking as a mechanical cutter. It also takes up less space and as it is automatic, it requires minimal human support. This reduces the risk of accidents and helps keep running costs down. No material contamination As a thin laser beam is used to cut the material and no machinery actually comes into contact with the material, there is no risk of material contamination. Versatile Laser cutting offers huge amounts of versatility. It can cut wood, plastic and aluminium. The beam is able to fulfil any design specification, from small and delicate, to larger, more complex creations. No warping The fine laser beam minimises the risk of your material warping. This can often happen with traditional cutting methods, where the material heats up from the heat created by cutting. Laser cutting is fast becoming a trusted and popular method of cutting material. The precise finish and low operating costs have allowed this technique to move into the mainstream market.
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