Advantages of laser cutting

Laser cutting is a new technology that can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing and therefore bringing prices down for our customers. The reason for this is because laser cutting reduces the need for machining during the manufacturing process. Using the laser cutting process we can cut materials such as; ceramic, wood, plastic, rubber and certain metals.Trade-CNC The way laser cutting works is by a very accurate computer guided laser directed onto the chosen material. The material is then melted or burnt by the laser whilst a stream of gas blows onto the cut to give a high quality finish. Laser cutting is extremely precise whilst using less energy, especially when cutting materials such as steel or aluminium. Laser cutting gives us fantastic edge quality on all our cuts and means we can cut more accurate and smaller diameter holes.  Replica cuts are almost identical every time due to the accuracy of laser cutting. In some cases, laser cutting can even be faster that other more traditional cutting methods whilst reducing the need for tooling to achieve the same high quality edging. Using laser cutting means there is no material deformation as there is no contact between machine and material during the process. As well as this, due to the heat spots o the material being very small, the chances of the material warping under high heat is dramatically reduced. As well as all this, of course, whilst machining and manufacturing, safety is number one priority and laser cutting, due to its zero human interaction (apart from repairs or test runs), means there is a significantly lower chance of incident or accident between staff and machine.
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