Aston Martin Racing – Bespoke Desking Design

This Project was a fantastic hi profile project to work on with Aston Martin Racing Design team, The principle was for a lightweight yet strong modular cube to become a race day desking system. This was achieved with as you can see from the mockup development images here by creating a robust carcass from Melamine faced MDF, then over cladding this with Aluminium composite materials to give strength but lightweight components. The desk whilst in its "cube" stage allowed the unit to be wheeled and transported around from country to country for initially the Le Mans 24 race. Then upon arrival the Cube magically opened with gas struts revealing the Lid and 3 Dell HD monitors, and processor unit all within at the correct viewing angles. The front of the cube detached and became the desktop. The final touches were to have the outer in a carbon fibre effect vinyl wrap all done in house. The desks all could then click together to for a run of 8 desks in alignment. The development was all produced in house with our designers and Solidworks 2012. Modular counters, Modular desking AMR 2 AMR 3 AMR 4
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