Challenging to Stretch Your Imagination

We can machine and laser cut a whole range of materials from Acrylic and Plastics to Woods with fantastically accurate results and finishes. Week on week we get through some really exciting and complex requests. Some of them really test our capabilities, but each time we deliver, and the product looks just fascinating. Our state of the art facilities mean we can machine stunning, eye catching features and backdrops for business environments as well as bespoke features for your home. Some of our recent work includes a full wall piece to create a unique backdrop to multiple office walls. It’s unique, bespoke and certainly an eye catching decorative feature to anybody who walks through the office. Take a look at our online gallery to see for yourself. Our processes include laser cutting, digital printing, acrylic fabrication and spraying and finishing - all offering unique and impressive results in their own right. Given the complex and challenging requests we get, we want you to put us to the test. We challenge you to challenge us. No matter how difficult you may think, it’s our job to prove that we have all the expertise needed for astonishing results. We’re so confident in our abilities to amaze you that we are offering out a summer hamper to anybody who places an order of an item we can’t produce within the next 6 weeks* *The item must be able to be machined and made of materials we currently work with
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