Exactly what is our CNC Routing Service ?

CNC Routing TradeCNC.co.uk provides specialist CNC Routing services to a whole variety of Clients Large and Small. We provide Manufacturing services with design support to assist your enquiries. Our Skilled team with over 26 years experience of designing products and manufacturing processes far beyond that of CNC Routing and Laser Cutting. However on the CNC machining side we regularly CNC MFC,MDF,MFMDF,Solid Wood, Chipboard, Aluminum, Corian, Hi-Macs, Staron solid surface materials, Engineering plastics including ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonate, Foamex and others. Cnc Routing Services – CNC Routing and Profiling, Cutting of a wide range of materials. Edgebanding Services – Applying Solid edging in either PVC, ABS, Melamine or wood veneers to the edges of routed materials, primary used on furniture and display units. Manufacturing Services – At TradeCNC.co.uk we assemble a lot of our customers products and pack and dispatch service, utilising CAD software such as Solidworks we can provide detailed assembly instructions. Signage – As you may or may not yet realise, here at TradeCNC.co.uk we have full 6 colour digital printers and plotting upto 1600mm wide and this enables us to offer signage and display materials fully finsihed without the requirement of subcontracting. What information is required for CNC Routing? Well we accept various CAD files so usually there's not a format we don't accept, but best to avoid polygon modelling packages such as sketchup or 3DS Max, as for example what may look like a curve or a circle actually is a polygon and will cut like a fifty pence piece !, There are numerous free packages available such as draftsite by solidworks, as good as autoCAD but FREE !, we basically need a DXF although 3D files do help us understand your requirements better. Or there's the good old fashioned "fag packet" sketch, and you can then use our chargable design service to draw your requirement, we don't charge for basic primitive shapes, only mid to complex shapes. We also accept AI, EPS, DWG and PDF drawings. What can we produce on our CNC Router? TradeCNC.co.uk routing has previously machined products such as, HDPE motorcycle safety panels, speaker cabinets, Lectern and desking systems, Decorative panels, Fretwork screens, Exhibition Displays and Point of Purchase displays, Aerospace, automotive and marine industrial products. We recently machined flooring for jet planes ! and Aston Martin Racing products. What Materials can you CNC or Laser? As we CNC and Laser cut, we have the option to produce products in the following materials MFMDF Plywood interior and exterior Chipboard MFC MDF Laminated panels Honeycomb composites Hi Macs Corian Staron Alumininium Polycarbonate Foamed PVC HDPE Compact laminates Polypropylene Fabrics Cardboard Acrylic HIPS ABS the list is endless ! In a nutshell whilst we are TradeCNC.co.uk who specialise in CNC routing services and CNC Machining, we offer alot more in house to enable you to deliver that product with less hassle and less cost. We are continuing to invest in new machinery and ideas to push the boundaries of innovation. We know there will be companies out there with bigger faster more expensive titanic CNC machines, but we believe our core skill is service and understanding the product, as we too are designers with years of experience, to such a point is we beleive CNC routing is the answer we will advise and recommend another process. This has happened numerous times from enquiries to CNC a product and weve ended up injection moulding, vacuum forming the solution for our customer. So thats us....thanks for reading.
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