From concept to product – a complete turnkey solution

At Trade CNC, we are passionate about providing the best solution for our customers.  Often that means cutting a batch of items according to your existing detailed CAD drawings.  However, the enquiries that really get us excited are the ones where we can make the most difference – those jobs where we can work with you from the initial design stages right through to the finished product.  Here is an idea of all the different services we can provide to help you create the exact product that fits your needs:

Design and Development

pack-B-shotYour concept may be little more than a sketch on the back of an envelope, but we can help you on the journey to finished product.  Starting from your ideas, our design team will work with you to clarify your requirements.  Our knowledge of materials can help you answer questions such as: moisture-resistant or marine grade? Plywood or MDF? Solid surface materials? We may only be cutting one part of a much larger design, but we will look at the bigger picture to ensure you have the appropriate materials and tolerances.  A few examples of the types of request we receive for help with design are:
“We need display stands for our engines.” “Can you make an MDF form to mould a part for a specialist motorbike?” “We want 500 components a bit like this one but with different slots.”
We will produce CAD drawings and, in some cases, a prototype, to ensure we have the design to fit your needs.

CNC and Laser Cutting

CNC routing

Vantage 100

Once you have your CAD drawings and have decided upon the best materials, the next stage of your product journey is cutting.  This may be by CNC, or in some cases, laser cutting is more appropriate – for example, if your product is in plastic and small detailed work is required.  If you are unsure which method suits your requirements, then our design team will be more than happy to help you.  Using our state-of-the-art technology, we can make short work of cutting your design using materials sourced from our trusted suppliers.  If you prefer, we will cut free issue material.  All of our timber is ethically sourced, sustainable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.


30743If your product is made of a material such as plywood, particle board or MDF, it will have exposed sides that may look better covered with an edging.  Edge banding is a great way to make lower cost materials more durable and give the appearance of a solid or more valuable material.  We can edgeband straight and curved edges, from 8mm – 45mm thick pieces with edgebanding from 0.4mm – 3mm thick.  Whether it’s solid wood, veneer or melamine, our edgebanding service gives you a wide range of finishes. There is more detail in our blog entry devoted to edgebanding.

Spraying and Finishing

Unlike many of our competitors, we have a spray shop in house, so you can be secure in the knowledge that if you choose to apply a lacquer to your product it will be done to the same professional level of service and high quality work as the rest of our services.  Whether you need food safe lacquer for shop fittings, anti-bacterial coating for medical use, cellulose spraying or powder coating for metals, we can make sure your finished product is fit for purpose and looks right.green_tinted_acrylic-100x100 If your work has been done in acrylic, we offer both diamond and flame polishing to give matt machined edges a smooth, polished appearance.  We can even finish and polish solid surface materials.


Where appropriate, our experienced team will put together your finished product for you, so your project arrives as a complete turnkey solution.  Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to ship your product flat-packed for self-assembly.  In this case, we can use our CAD software (SolidWorks 2016) to produce detailed assembly instructions, and include every nut, bolt and fitting to make building as hassle-free as possible.

Packaging and Delivery

FILE234550aa54757a836.jpgWe send shipments all over the UK and Ireland, and occasionally to Europe and the US.  Smaller items are generally sent via next day parcel courier, while larger projects will be sent palletised.  We parcel up consignments carefully to minimise the risk of damage during transit, and where necessary, we can have packaging specially designed to fit.  We usually send items on a next day, insured service, so you can be confident your final product will arrive safely and ready for use – the final step in the journey from concept to product. And in case you were wondering how the queries at the start of the article turned out, here are some of the finished products: wpid-20131112_143301.jpgExhibition Display plinths Illuminated 01Cubewano  
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