New Fretwork Panels for Hotel Bar

Our client was refurbishing the Mirror Bar in the Ramada Hotel, and wanted something a little unusual in the way of fretwork panels.  They designed a column of squares, each with a circle inside, and wanted to run a length of copper piping vertically through the centre. We discussed various solutions, and agreed the best method of fitting the pipe would be to make the fretwork panels in two widths, with a groove cut out for the pipe to fit in.  The panels could be sprayed up, the pipe inserted, then the two sides sandwiched and glued together to hold the pipe in place. The theme was carried around the bar areas, so there were a range of different shapes and sizes of fretwork to fit neatly into the required spaces. Our client was very happy with the result:
"Looked amazing! Thanks guys, you did a fantastic job, the fretwork was perfect"
We were delighted to see the finished product:

From this....


To this!

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