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Our new machine has arrived! We are keeping Trade CNC at the cutting edge of technology by investing in a new CNC machine from Homag.
CNC routing

Vantage 100

The Weeke Vantage 100 will make a huge difference to our business.  Starting from full size jumbo sheets, we can nest requirements for different jobs together in one easy step using the machine’s inbuilt software.  This means an instant reduction in planning time and increased efficiency in use of materials.  The machine processes them in one go, so we will get completely finished parts off the CNC at incredible speed. The Vantage 100 can accurately router, drill, shape, groove or profile various components from one sheet of material. We also opted for a Flex5 head which enables us to cut at any angle from 0-90 degrees with automatic adjustment. The speed and versatility of this new machine will have a massive impact on the productivity and efficiency of our business.
 “The Vantage 100 has increased technical ability – we can now cut boards from 1mm-100mm thick, whereas our maximum thickness used to be 60mm.  This is especially good for 3D milling projects.   The 14 position tool changing capability gives us the flexibility to switch between timber- and plastic-based materials as part of our trade service.  The automatic push-off conveyer system increases our capacity by 53%, which is a real plus for the business.” – Paul, MD “There are lots of reasons why this machine is much better than our previous equipment.  It’s efficient and economical – it has a low-power mode when not in use, so it actually discharges electricity from the motors. It makes a huge difference.” – Matt, Operator
Our team have worked hard to learn how to use these new machines, and every operator has had 5 days of training off-site in using the machines and software.  This is a massive investment for us, but we are convinced that with these new machines, coupled with our existing design capabilities and passion for all-round excellence, we will ensure that Trade CNC remains the place to come for all your CNC requirements.
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