Why laser cutting has become an integral part of the fashion industry

In the past laser cutting was so rarely used that is was reserved for haute couture designs. However, as time has progressed so has technology and with it the more readily available machinery to provide this perfect cut. It was not long before we were able to see perfect laser cut organic materials such as silk and leather flaunted on the runway and soon after, high-street fashion followed.laser-cut-silk In 2012 we saw Marc Jacobs beautiful Spring/Summer Collection consist of perfectly laser cut silk and other delicate materials. Marchesa’s Georgie Chapman and Keren Craig  are also famous for their haute couture designs and have frequently been known to flaunt their high end beautiful gowns on the runway with the most detailed and intricate patterns. Laser cutting has become so widely sought after that high street shops such as Topshop and River Island now provide consumers with the height of laser cut fashion. Laser cutting fabrics allows it to come out untainted and accurately cut without anything but the laser touching the fabric which makes it extremely useful on delicate materials such as silk. Laser cutting has many advantages but for fashion designers the two main problems with their work is being able to mass produce accurate material and keeping their designs original. Laser cutting provides precision that usually can only be achieved by hand but at a faster pace and lower cost making it the most practical choice. Furthermore, it is often argued that using laser cutting technology means that designs are less likely to be copied as it is extremely difficult to replicate the detailed and intricate designs. Of course inspiration can be found from certain cuts and attempts can be made to recreate them but ultimately, by using laser cutting it makes producing an identical cut almost impossible.  
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