Everything you need to know about Laser cutting

download (2)The laser itself is a direct beam of monochromatic coherent radiation which means that it comes from a source called a resonator that is able to emit radiation of in step waves, all of which have identical frequency, polarisation and phase. The Laser light is usually a very narrow wavelength light and yet there is still lasers that are able to emit a broad spectrum of light. Without going into too much complex detail, the initially produced radiation passes through various tubed filled with gain medium and is then increased in power. Mirrors surrounding the tubes ensure that the majority of the light makes many passes through the gain medium. Light that is between the mirrors is able to pass through the one mirror that is partially transparent and escapes as a laser beam. This beam is extremely powerful as it is focused by a complex system of mirrors and lenses and then amplified by a high velocity flow of gas that surrounds it. It is delivered through a cutting nozzle like tube to then melt away any material it touches. What are the advantages of Laser Cutting?
  • High processing speeds
  • High accuracy
  • It is the only existing technology to be able to cut intricate drawings and designs
  • Cut quality is excellent
  • There is no need to change the tool when cutting
  • It can cut small intricate shapes
  • It leaves a thin and easy removable oxidation layer
  • Small Kerf
  • There is no contact between the nozzle and the material so there is no force applied
  • It can cut a variety of materials
  • Very narrow heat affected zone
  • Oxide free cutting
  • Real-time control of the laser power over a wide range of amperage enables a power reduction on tight curves and pulse piercing
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