Acrylic Fabrication

Trade CNC's team of experienced fabricators can help with almost any acrylic or plastic fabrication requirement. Creating eye-catching and functional displays - ideal for POS in retail - has never been easier, thanks to CNC machining and a range of finishing techniques. Some of these are listed below in more detail:

Windsor Acrylic Lectern

Heat Bending

By applying heat along a line on the CNC cut acrylic, the piece can then be bent.  This process is used for example to form the lip on an acrylic desktop for a lectern.

Heat Forming

Starting with a jig made from MDF, a sheet of acrylic can be heated to the correct temperature then draped over the form and left to cool and set.

Diamond polishing


Polished green tinted acrylic

Machining (sawing, milling, cutting or turning) acrylic leaves a matt surface.  Polishing the edges provides a clear surface.  In the case of some acrylics, a different tint is revealed by polishing, for example a green-tinted glass effect. Diamond edge polishing is done by moving the acrylic edges over fast-moving diamonds, and the result can be indistinguishable from cast acrylic.  This gives the best result, but can only be done on straight edges.

Flame polishing

When polishing areas of acrylic unsuitable for diamond polishing, such as curves, holes and inner corners, the surface is melted with a high temperature (2700 - 3300 degrees Celsius) flame, creating a clear finish.

Solvent Bonding

This involves applying a layer of chemical solvent (acrylic cement) to the surfaces to be joined.  This actually dissolves the edge of the acrylic, effectively welding them together to form one piece.

UV Bonding

When joining clear acrylic, a special glue can be used that hardens when exposed to UV light.  The UV glue does not chemically bond to the acrylic, so the join is not as strong as solvent bonding, but the advantage of this method is that the hardening time is reduced to seconds when a UV light is used.
Our production team are fully equipped with the latest CAD and graphics applications which enable us to work across any industry. From Solidworks to Illustrator...we can handle all file types. If you have a particular project that you would like to discuss further, please contact our helpful team to discuss your requirements today.

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