Design Services

Not trained in CAD? Unsure how to produce a detailed design drawing?  Wondering what would be the best material for your project? We can help! Our experienced design team are fully trained in CAD software such as Solidworks, WoodWop and MagiCut, and are more than happy to take your ideas from a rough sketch to a fully dimensioned design drawing ready for CNC.  We have worked from photographs and sketches, even a few amendments marked on a prototype - nothing fazes us! packshotWe can help with value-engineering too.  When we receive a design, as part of our process we will analyse the proposed materials and suggest alternatives where appropriate, based on years of practical experience.  It may be that the same appearance and durability can be achieved with a cheaper material, saving you money without compromising the quality of your design.  Alternatively, we might find that your suggested material is not fit for purpose - in which case we would work with you to find a viable alternative.  In all cases, our approach is consultative and we will work with you to agree the best way to turn your design into a finished product that will meet and even exceed your expectations. Our state of the art optimisation software can help keep costs low, by nesting all your items for CNC cutting as efficiently as possible, keeping the number of sheets of wood or plastic to a minimum. So, if you want to turn your 'back of an envelope sketch' into a technical design drawing, or want some advice on the best materials to use for your project, give our design team a call - we will be happy to share our expertise!

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