Once you have had your panels CNC routered you may wish to finish the edges, especially if it’s a decorative panel. So at Trade CNC we are able to supply edgebanding services from 0.5mm melamine to PVC or ABS 3mm, even solid wood or veneered edging. We can edgeband up to 50mm thick and straight and contour shapes. Edgebanding is used to cover the sides of materials such as plywood, particle board and MDF, and increases durability in addition to giving the appearance of a solid or more valuable material.  For more information about edgebanding, see our blog article. Edgebanding machineDepending on the shape of the panel to be edgebanded and the required thickness of the edging, we will either apply the edging manually or use our edgebander - a Brandt 1100 FC.  At a speed of 8m/min, this machine makes light work of applying edging from 0.4 to 3mm to pieces from 8 to 40mm thick. We regularly send out fully finished products out on behalf of our customers call offs. We are also happy also to just produce unfinished goods for finishing by your preferred supply chain or yourselves; we’re here just to make your project easier! Call us today and let us help your next project.

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