Spraying and Finishing Options for CNC Routed Materials

If you’re using a CNC routing service to cut materials, you might also be interested in spraying and finishing services. Here are some of the options: Cellulose SprayingCNC Plastic Cellulose is great for producing any flat colour and provides an original finish. It is mixed with a thinner so it can be applied in liquid form. As it dries, the thinner evaporates causing the paint to harden over the top of the surface. This method is particularly effective for providing a glossy finish. Powder Coating Powder coating is different to cellulose paint as it is not applied in liquid form. The powder is applied and heated so that it flows evenly over the material. After it dries, it essentially forms a “skin”. It is tougher than other paint alternatives, and is typically used when a hard finish is desired. This method is particularly favoured for the coating of metals. Solvent or Water Based Many finishes make use of solvents to produce the desired effect. However, water based alternatives are also available if you so desire. This choice is something you might wish to consider before deciding on a particular finish. Colours & Clear Lacquers A finishing service is an excellent way to have your materials coloured as you desire. However, if you don’t need any colouring done, you can also opt for a clear lacquer, which can create a hard and smooth surface without affecting the colour of the material. Polishing Solid surface materials can be enhanced with a good polish. So, if you’re going to the trouble of having them cut, it might be worthwhile having them polished at the same time. CNC routing provides precision cutting for materials. However, to achieve the exact look and surface you desire, you should also consider some of these spraying and finishing options.
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