Versatility of Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic is one of the most versatile materials to fabricate which is why it makes for one of the best materials to work with in such a huge range of applications. We have built some of our best and favourite products in acrylic and boy, does acrylic fabrication lend itself to flexibility! Acrylic can be manufactured in a whole range of finishes and colour including full colours, tinted/opaque colour and transparency, not to mention edge finishes and means for lightweight products and durability. It’s hugely popular and often a more desirable choice of production over glass. The great thing about acrylic facrylicabrication is that it is such a versatile material in that the boundaries for what we can achieve are really wide with lots of room for both simple and complex structures and designs. It’s cheap to work with, the material itself isn’t costly and we can make some great products using it. It’s rigidity and strength, coupled with its excellent optical clarity means that it can be used as a substitute to using glass, not to mention that it’s generally cheaper to manufacture and works great for the likes of, shower doors, windows and fish tanks (to name just a few) - a perfect example of where acrylic plastic performs better than glass in many ways. Acrylic has nearly the same index of refraction as water, so when looking at fish in a tank, the size and colour is true. Not only is it great for household pieces, it is also great for decoration and creating detailed shapes for unique and unusual decoration in your home or business.
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